Benedict Samonte, CMTC, NASM-CES


Ben is our in-house massage therapist/bodyworker, fitness guru, and bodybuilding champion. He sustains numerous certifications: 1. Certified Massage Therapist (CMTC) with the California Massage Therapy Council, Certified Fitness Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES). He believes the human body is a fascinating instrument which requires physical healing through therapeutic hands and touch. He believes the body constantly needs more attention due to the daily strains of commuting, poor posture, and perhaps exercise regiments that lead to discomfort. Thus, Ben continues to focus and increase his own awareness to what your body might be communicating in order to achieve therapeutic and rehabilitative relief.

Ben enjoys working in conjunction with other providers, fitness trainers, reiki practitioners, and of course acupuncturists. He offers a skill set that can be beneficial when the body needs more. He takes every chance to further his knowledge with innovate massage tools as well as fine tuning his cupping modalities.