Familiarity first, and always. Your treatment plan at Ritual Acupuncture begins with understanding your unique needs, and addressing the fundamental elements of wellness that help balance and guide our recommendations.

We guide everyday health and healing via the following treatment paths.


Pain Management

Having an improved sense of physical (and emotional) well-being is possible. Our pain management treatment provides:

• Improvement in acute musculoskeletal pain, low back pain, headaches and joint and arthritis pain

• Chronic pain management

• An integrative approach to reduction of opioid medication


Fertility for Women

Whether you’re ready to conceive or are simply looking to take your fertility options into your own hands, this treatment helps with:

• Optimizing and regulating hormones

• Irregularities with menstrual cycle including PCOS, endometriosis, anovulation, dysmenorrhea

• Low AMH

• Pain during intercourse

Fertility for Men

From structural abnormalities to priceless peace of mind, our fertility treatment for men pairs seamlessly with traditional infertility treatments to assist with:

• Energy, libido, and stress support

• Low sperm volume

• Abnormalities in sperm quality

• Erectile Dysfunction


Women’s Health

We offer personalized, comprehensive treatments tailored to women from all walks of life. Our women-focused treatment plans center around alleviating:

• Dysmenorrhea and menstrual regulation

• Migraines and Headaches

• Digestive complaints

• Per-menopausal symptoms

• Sleep disorders

• Musculoskeletal support


Men’s Health

From sperm and prostate health to beautifully balanced hormones and improved performance, our men’s treatments optimize health and help with:

• Low energy and high stress support

• Low Libido

• Erectile Dysfunction

• Musculoskeletal Support

• Digestive Complaints


Sexual Health

Improved circulation, a more positive outlook and hormonal harmony are all to be expected with our sexual health treatments, in addition to support with:

• Libido & emotional health

• Vaginal Pain

• Gentilia Pain

• Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

• Reproductive Disorders


Emotional Wellbeing

True wellbeing lives in three places consecutively: mind, body and spirit. Our emotional wellbeing treatments boost each of these areas, and help to improve:

• Anxiety, Stress, Depression

• The feeling of "being stuck"

• Lack of motivation

• Insomnia

• Preparation for major life events

• Sadness



Our oncology treatments provide compassionate care designed to promote healing, relieve stress, reduce pain and supplement other treatment areas, including:

• Integrative care pre/post and during chemo and/or radiation therapy

• Pain Reduction

• Sleep Support

• Stress reduction

• Immunity Boost Support